U.S. blind soccer team aims at competing on global stage – PBS NewsHour


Cody Kirchner, USA Blind Soccer National Team:

I have athletes throughout my family, and I was never able to really partake when I was a kid or participate because I was blind. I discovered blind sports, I fell in love. I fell in love the moment I stepped onto a soccer pitch.

There are four field players on each team. The ball has rattles and aligning of it.

And you are required to say the word voi if you are attacking the ball. I think it’s either Spanish or Portuguese for I am coming.

Communication is vital to blind soccer. It’s the only way we could really be out here and play a game without it ending up in just everyone being injured. So the goalie is the only person on the field who is sighted. The goalie has perfect vision, I hope, and everyone else wears, as you can probably see now, eyeshades that completely block out all light.


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