U.S. blind soccer team aims at competing on global stage – PBS NewsHour

Cody Kirchner, USA Blind Soccer National Team:

I have athletes throughout my family, and I was never able to really partake when I was a kid or participate because I was blind. I discovered blind sports, I fell in love. I fell in love the moment I stepped onto a soccer pitch.

There are four field players on each team. The ball has rattles and aligning of it.

And you are required to say the word voi if you are attacking the ball. I think it’s either …….


Review: Stone Blind by Natalie Haynes – The Nerd Daily

On a weekend trip to London, I entered a bookstore and randomly picked up Stone Blind—it was a gorgeous edition, a mix of gold, black, and turquoise with sprayed edges. That book left the shop with me, and I started reading it immediately. In only a few days, I had devoured it.

Stone Blind is a retelling of the myth of Medusa, where she is not the monster usually depicted, but instead a victim in the games Olympus’ Gods and Goddesse…….

Blinds Weightlifting

Gervonta Davis blinds opponent before scoring ninth-round victory – World Boxing News

Multi-weight champion and Pay Per View star Gervonta Davis blinded Hector Luis Garcia, leaving no choice but to stop the fight in the ninth round.

“Tank” was slightly ahead in a competitive fight before Garcia’s team decided to halt the fight in the corner. In the end, the session didn’t get started as Davis took a 28th career triumph.

Before that, Davis was beginning to get to Garcia with his power. It seemed the end was inevitable before the final bell.

When di…….


Big Law Is Driving Blind Into Familiar, Low-Growth Territory – Bloomberg Law

Welcome back to the Big Law Business column on the changing legal marketplace written by me, Roy Strom. Today, we look at the cloudy outlook for Big Law in 2023. Sign up to receive this column in your Inbox on Thursday mornings.

When Brad Hildebrandt and Gretta Rusanow put out their year-end report reviewing Big Law’s financial performance, they usually make detailed projections for the coming year. Not this time.

The outlook for Big Law is so cloudy that Hildebrandt said his te…….

Blinds Weightlifting

Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership battle: The blind fighting the blind – The Hill

Just when you thought the Republican Party hit a new low, the current crowd manages to crash through into an even lower low. The battle over House Speaker is a remarkable case of every actor making practically every wrong move — and they are now stuck in a practically unsolvable political mess.  

Fortunately for the country — and for Republicans — the House of Representatives could stay in disarray for weeks without any material effect on the nation, save perhaps for the …….

Blinds Weightlifting

Best Portable Blinds for Late Season Deer Hunting –

Primos took a lot of the great features found in their premium line of ground blinds and built them into a blind that’s lighter on your back, and your wallet as well. The Primos See-Through Full Frontal Blind allows you to see more, yet stay warm, covered and concealed at a more budget-friendly price point. You’ll find a one-way see-through mesh view, huge interior, and a fully adjustable window system. 

Dimensions – Floor Space 58” X 58”, Hub to Hub 75” X 75″, and 67”…….